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Key aspects during the presentation of Company Unhacked and CUH Academy

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Put on the virtual reality goggles and experience our training in practice

With us, your training sessions and client events will turn into a spectacle

Our trainers and engineers are happy to travel for direct meetings and events. Together with our partners, we can conduct a ShowVR or a CyberTraining at various events. The best way to get to know the product is to test it for yourself. The game environment you will find yourself in after launching the application is meticulously prepared in every visual aspect. Our clients who have had the opportunity to test and purchase the application so far have been impressed by all the environmental effects and animations during interactions with objects in the scenarios and praised the fully interactive knowledge content, which translates excellently into daily work in the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee technical support and response to feedback?

Of course, for us, feedback equals product development. We are the training producers, and you will receive technical support from us.

Is the installation of the product on the headset difficult?

Our engineers will fully prepare the headset for you, and the application will be ready to launch as soon as you put on the goggles. We remain in constant contact with our clients and partners, making adjustments to the application based on feedback and systematically adding new games. The update of the new version for the client is free within the subscription.

We have ready installation guides, follow our blog:


What if I already have VR goggles in my company?

We offer support for the following products: HTC Focus 3, HTC XR Elite, Meta Quest 2 and 3, Pico 4.
If the client has one of these models, simply order a license from us and delight your client with new training.

What can we expect in the application?

The client receives complete game scenarios from us, which together take about 3 hours of training.

How long does it take on average to complete a scenario?

Each scenario simulates a different real-life threat, which affects the time spent on each. The average time to successfully complete a scenario is between 18 and 25 minutes.

When will new scenarios be available to us?

The average time to create and implement a scenario for the client is one quarter. We will systematically replace, improve, or add new games.

Do you have more questions?

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