An application that will teach you how to safely navigate in the web

Discover an effective VR course that increases employees awareness of data protection

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Company Unhacked - Forum Cyberbezpieczeństwa
Company Unhacked - Forum Cyberbezpieczeństwa
Company Unhacked customer
Company Unhacked - Forum Cyberbezpieczeństwa
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What we offer thanks to Comapny (Un)Hacked

Company (Un)Hacked is a VR experience that makes it easier for company employees to gain valuable knowledge about cyber threats.

Watch a short film about the application and see what it is all about


Dangers lurk at every corner

Employees unaware of the dangers are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers tend to take advantage of the ignorance of ordinary people to gain passwords and access private and even critical business information.
Nowadays, as hackers become more active, cybersecurity issues in companies are gaining more and more attention. To keep your employees informed and to let them easily and fun understand exactly what cybersecurity is, you may need more than brochures and presentations.
A unique project

What will the cybersecurity course teach you?

  • What is social engineering and how does it threaten us
  • How information about victims of cyber attacks is collected
  • How to set up effective online passwords
  • What can we do after receiving suspicious emails and links
  • What are the best practices for data management
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How is Company (Un)Hacked different from regular training?

Our trainings take place whenever and wherever you want. Just turn on the headset and join the game. Sun Capital and Giant Lazer are the first companies to offer the opportunity to play the role of a hacker and learn his greatest secrets.
Please contact us for more information.
Price list

Product purchase options

We offer the purchase of the application in three separate packages.

  • Recommended headset for Company (Un)Hacked
  • Screen resolution: 4896×2448
  • Field of view: 120º
  • Audio: Built-in dual microphone and speakers
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  • Support for client devices
  • The device must have a warranty
  • Support for a dedicated technician
  • Remote assistance
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  • License for 100 users
  • Technical support for 12 months
  • Preparation of the headset and application for the client
  • Access to new game scenarios
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