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Join our satisfied customers. Organize a VR First Aid Show, awareness training, and a movement contest for event participants with us.

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Learning through Play

We will come to you with our equipment, applications, and ideas for great fun.

With us, the participants of your event will learn hacking techniques to avoid becoming victims themselves. You and your guests will learn how to respond in life-threatening situations. We will move around a bit as part of the contest and stimulate our brains with storytelling dice in the #dejincydent framework.

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Step into the role of a hacker and learn their attack techniques

Our training applications, Company(un)hacked and CUHacademy, are designed to highlight the dangers that both adults and children may encounter online. Employees unaware of these threats are the most vulnerable to attacks. Children, on the other hand, tend to trust what they encounter on the internet. At the events we host, we strive to teach safe reactions and online interactions.

For us, it is crucial to present all training elements in the form of #learningthroughplay. We aim for participants to focus on having fun while subconsciously absorbing a wealth of incredibly useful information and knowledge from the event.

Unique Project

Practical Exercises in Safety and First Aid?

We collaborate with 4HELP VR, a company that has developed a VR application for saving lives. At our shows and training sessions, we can set up a 4Help station and teach your guests the correct responses, as well as practice first aid techniques.

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A Bit of Movement and Lots of Fun

Our showVR can take place anytime and anywhere you want. Just put on the goggles and join the game and event part of our application. There’s nothing like kicking off a party with endorphins and movement-based fun in a 3-minute tournament game. Who is the most fit in your company?
You definitely need to find out with our application.


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We invite you to discuss the details. Our VR Show is available starting from 2700 PLN net.

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