Maciej Pronkiewicz

Deputy Director at PZSiPS in Bolesławiec

“Today, in the summer edtech review, thanks to Krzysztof Konieczny from Sun Capital sp. z o.o., we have a review of the VR application/game “Company (Un)hacked” (, abbreviated as CUH, which was produced by Sun Capital sp. z o.o. together with Giant Lazer. I use the terms application/game interchangeably because CUH interestingly combines elements of an educational application with great, intelligent fun. I became interested in Company (Un)hacked because after reading the description and watching a few photos and videos, I noticed the incredible educational potential of this application in the field of network security. One might ask: “Who is this application for?”. In my opinion, it will find application in the final grades of primary school, secondary schools, and universities. However, the main target group is probably employees of companies and institutions, for whom CUH can be an excellent element of raising awareness about cyberattack threats and practicing responses in such situations.

I would like to clearly emphasize that CUH is not a pointless game for “kids”, but primarily an educational application with the quality of a game, where the level of playability is very high. The event scenarios are well thought out, the decision branches are unconventional, the mechanisms used actually respond (awarding points) for correct or incorrect decisions, and most importantly, each game has a summary, giving the player professional feedback (which I found very charming from a teacher’s perspective).

I must also congratulate the teams from Sun Capital sp. z o.o. and Giant Lazer for the amazing atmosphere they created in the virtual location, and for using the mechanisms that VR provides (e.g., posting conversation elements on the board, operating the wheel when selecting the IP address, etc.). Such effects are only experienced in VR 😊.

The only thing I would pay special attention to when implementing the application in schools is the need to introduce students to the gameplay atmosphere and clearly emphasize the goal that guided the authors of the production, who used the role-reversal technique, and to point out the ethical issues (or lack thereof) and the legal consequences of assuming the role of a hacker in the real world.

I met Krzysztof at Wirtualium 2.0 ( Students of secondary schools in Bolesławiec will have the opportunity to test CUH

Maria Kożuchowska

Maria Kożuchowska

Head of Sales at HTC Vive HTC

“I am pleased to share my opinion about the company CU and their flagship product, the VR/XR application – Company Unhacked. I have been collaborating with the creators for several years, and I must admit that they constantly surprise me with their innovative approach to education using new technologies such as virtual and mixed reality.

Company (Un)hacked is not a typical boring educational application. It is an innovative and engaging VR/XR game that takes you to the virtual world of a company or the comfort of your home, where you must face real cyberattacks. You learn how to recognize threats, how to respond to them, and how to protect yourself and your company.

The most important aspects of the solution are primarily:

• Innovative form of education: VR/XR makes learning about network security a real pleasure. Conventional methods are often ineffective, and new forms of memorization and experiencing content significantly impact retention.

• Real scenarios and threats: The application is based on real cyberattacks, making it an extremely valuable educational tool. We have an ever-expanding library of scenarios with varying difficulty levels, a mysterious hacker environment that further enhances emotions and makes the gameplay more realistic.

• Practical exercises: The application allows you to practice responding to cyberattacks in a safe and controlled environment.

• Excellent way to raise awareness about cyberattack threats: The application teaches how to protect yourself and your data from cyberattacks.

Personally, I am delighted with the Company (Un)hacked application. It is a brilliant educational tool that combines knowledge, practice, and great fun. I recommend this application to everyone who wants to take care of their cybersecurity.”