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Our trainers and engineers willingly go to face-to-face meetings with customers and various types of events, during which they present the application to willing people and potential customers. The best way to get to know a product is to test it for yourself. The game environment in which you will find yourself after starting the application is carefully prepared in every visual aspect so that you feel like a real hacker and get into his role. Our customers, who have had the opportunity to test and purchase the application so far, were impressed with all the environmental effects and animations when interacting with objects during scenarios, and praised the content full of interactive knowledge that translates perfectly into everyday work in the company. We invite you to a free presentation, we will be happy to come to your facility so that you can experience our training in virtual reality live.

frequently asked questions

Can I buy accessories?

At the moment, in our store, the customer can only purchase the application in the selected package

Is it difficult to install the product on the headset?

Our engineers will fully prepare the headset for you, the application will be ready to run from the moment you put on the goggles. We stay in touch with our customers and partners all the time, correct the application with comments and systematically add games. The new version update for the client is free with the subscription.

What if I already have VR goggles in my company?

We offer support for the following products: HTC Focus 3, Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo. If you have one of the following models, when purchasing a package with support, we will build an application for the headset so that there is no need to purchase additional goggles

What can we expect in the application?

The client receives full game scenarios from us. We currently provide 4 scenarios that take about an hour of training. Ultimately, the client is to have 10 scenarios at his disposal, which he will be able to freely share with his trainees.

How long is the average time it takes to complete a scenario?

Each scenario simulates a different real-life threat, which affects the time spent on each. The average time to successfully complete a scenario is 18 to 25 minutes.

When will the new scripts come to us?

The average time to create and deploy a scenario to a client is one quarter

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