COMPANY (UN) HACKED 100u, 1-year license + Support for client goggles

The product package includes a training application in the form of a VR game: Software license for COMPANY (UN)HACKED, one license package offered is dedicated to 100 users with a subscription for 12 months and technical support for the client’s headset devices*

The license allows you to update the COMPANY (UN)HACKED game to new versions and new scenarios as part of valid subscriptions.

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What does the support package include?

Company Unhacked
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By purchasing the training application in the selected package, we offer an additional year of full technical support!

VR Goggles

Supported models

Gogle HTC Vive Focus 3

HTC Vive Focus 3


Meta Quest 2

Pico 4

Pico 4

How does it work?

Supported models

The purchase of the Company (Un)Hacked + Support application is intended for customers who have one of the above models. Our engineers will build a special version of the application that will be fully functional for the selected model. Please remember that headset devices should have a current manufacturer’s warranty and available system updates.