The CUH Academia children’s app
is the children’s version
of the Company (Un)Hacked

25-minute script written for cyber hygiene education in schools of children and adolescents

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Who is the CUH Academy for?

Our application was created thanks to the cooperation of IT industry specialists from ISSA Poland with Sun Capital. For the purpose of educating children in cuberhighesty, a training projket “Digital Scout” was created, within the framework of which training courses for children, youth and teachers are organized in schools. Sun Capital supports these educational processes through coaching involvement and implementation of projects such as the CUH Academy.

Watch a short video about the CUH Academy application and see for yourself its benefits


Threats lurk online

Increasingly younger children are accessing the Internet through mobile devices and computers. Unfortunately, they are exposed to the dangers of unauthorized adult contact and the hijacking of player accounts or social media profiles. Left unattended online, children very often adopt the bad habits of adults. From a young age, they participate in the process of hating and e-hating, thinking they are anonymous.

With our application, we aim to change awareness about the dangers lurking online. We aim for any school that wants to participate in the process of cyber hygiene education to be able to use our application free of charge or commercially. For public schools, we propose to participate in the ULeducation process (more at


What will our cyber security course teach children?

  • What is social engineering
  • Why you need to be careful with your online contacts
  • How to set effective passwords
  • What to do in case of network problems
  • What are the best practices for data management
  • What our relationships should look like online and in everyday life
  • We show what empathy is and how you can help others
  • Integration and fun together using VR technology

How is the CUH Academy different from ordinary training?

Our training sessions take place whenever and wherever you want. Just turn on your goggles and join the game. Sun Capital and Giant Lazer are the first companies to offer the opportunity to take on the role of a hacker and learn his greatest secrets. And the CUH Academy app is a prepared version for children, which with its innovation and form fulfills the training mission of #learningthroughfun


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Purchase options

If you choose to purchase commercially, our application is offered at a price of 1,000 euros per year subscription.

  • Recommended headset for Company (Un)Hacked
  • Field of view: 120º
  • Sound: built-in dual microphone and speakers
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  • Support for apliactions, a dedicated license for the entity
  • The device must have a warranty
  • Remote assistance                                      
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  • License for one device (headset)
  • Technical support 12 ms
  • Access to new game scenarios under license
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